Vision Boards

Dream Board

Vision boards are a fun and effective tool to help create the life you want. The idea is to select words and pictures which represent the things you want to accomplish or bring into your life and create a collage with them. In ye olden days, this was done with posterboard, a stack of magazines and glue. I was never able to create a vision board this way because the minute you put a magazine in front of me, I start reading it.

Luckily, I discovered the virtual vision board (known as the O Dream Board) on Once you sign in (it’s free), you can choose a bulletin board and then begin uploading your own photos or ones from Getty Images. You can also add words. I made the board above a couple of years ago using this online tool and it was super easy. I liked that there were no magazine articles to distract me, I could quickly search for the pictures I wanted and I didn’t have to worry about making a mistake. If a photo needed to be moved or resized, no problem. Once the board was finished, I downloaded it to my desktop and also shared it with friends. And yes, the board worked for me. Not everything became reality (still need to work on the fitness), but much of it I have achieved to one degree or another since 2011.

It’s time to create a new board. I’ll keep some of the ideas from the old one (hello fitness) and add some new ones. I’ll also be more specific with my words – maybe adding some phrases or even sentences to the mix. Daring, I know.

If you want to know more about how vision boards work, check out Go Beyond The Secret on

For some helpful tips on how to create a vision board, visit Christine Kane’s site.

Happy creating and see you tomorrow!

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